Golden State Hardware

Elegant shower hardware 

To showcase hardware in high quality easy to access detailed manner for clients

Beautifully photographed products ready for print and online catalogue use.

Photo Production
Photo Editing



Scope of Project

Specify how the photos would be used in order to execute the project properly. We used a clean light set-up to minimize unwanted reflections and capture details of each product. This allowed the company to not only use the photos for their online and printed catalogue but also for their email and hero images on their website. Even though we didn't have the product in every color that Golden State Hardware sells due to delays, we were able to change the color of their silver product to the Gold one you see below. We used another product with the same finish in order to match the color exactly while maintaining the detail of the metal. This gives their clients the assurance they will be receiving the same color product they view in the catalogue.


Golden State Hardware focuses solely on great quality shower hardware such as handles, hinges, rails, and sliders. They provide contracts with easy to access options so they are able to effectively provide for their customers.

The bottom line:

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