Brand Gratitude is a group of closely connected family, friends, and imaginative story tellers nestled throughout the South LA area. Our approach is welcoming and collaborative, leveraging our shared knowledge, design savvy, and technical know-how to produce impactful and engaging content across various platforms. We enthusiastically welcome new challenges, driven by a passion to learn and a strong desire to collaboratively find solutions. We handle everything from brand positioning and design to event planning to social media management, email marketing, digital advertising. 


Create meaningful solutions


Build honest relationships with clear communication


Grow and pursue further education


Continuously be creative


We work best together


Create a positive team vibe


Have fun in the process

Our Values

Brenda Cintron

Our Team

Ryan McDaniel

Nicole Cintron

Americo Blanco

Marketing Manager

Digital Media Strategist

Executive Producer

Creative Director

Project launch expert, manager expert, keeps everyone on track and on brand. Finds peace with family and in camping outdoors, always down for a delicious hamburger.

Social media guru, relationships over analytics, event planning specialist, recruiter, when not exploring she's spending time with her kids baking or playing board games.

The go to for all things design,  uses his architectural background to create stunning and engaging experiences in both print and the digital world. An introvert who loves to hang out.  

Big idea generator, out of the box thinker, film and audio expert, creator of powerful ad campaigns, talented singer-songwriter, painter, freestyle skateboarder. 

Carlos Cintron


Former music educator turned brand marketer. From the school of hard knocks, built 3 non profits and 3 businesses, committed to people over profit, professional relationship builder, an avid backpacker, trumpet player, happiest spending time with family outdoors.

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