The Social

Using coffee to bring people together

Can create an environment where friends and family want to hang out? How do we celebrate the coffee snobs, the enthusiasts, the sweet drinkers, the one on the run who always drinks it black?

A strategic brand—logo, messaging, user experience,  social templates, signage, website, video with a singular focus to brings all coffee drinkers alike.

Branding and Identity Design
Web Design and Development
Photo Production
Video Production



Scope of Project

The project was initiated after a brief conversation between Brand Gratitude's CEO, Carlos Cintron and The Social's owner's, Mike and Shiela. Together they kicked it off with a 2 day strategy session where The Social was to open.

It got deep. They spoke about their past and how that lead to them opening the cafe. Their story was tied to their hearts and their reasoning for opening The Social.

It was an emotional journey but after some time we were able to surface key insights into the pain points of  the people The Social desired to reach.


The Social is a family friendly cafe in Bellflower, California with the emphasis on bring people together.

During a quick 4 months, we branded The Social from the ground up—strategy, design, messaging, a fresh new website and a few impactful videos that spoke clearly to their clients

The bottom line:

“Our clients are looking for break from life's stress and monotony and just want to relax in a care free environment. How do we appeal to them?”


"We need to genuinely care for every customer,” answered lead strategist, Brenda Cintron.

The experience you have when visiting a cafe is usually focused on the coffee. The Social had something else in mind. The people. The Social was going to be a place where friends and families could come together and relax in environment dedicated to deepening their relationships with one another. 

This notion quickly formed into the design, visuals and messaging for The Social brand and was applied across all key touch points.

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