What We Do

Video Production

We combine design, with live action, and visual effects to create videos that make an impact.

Script Development

A script is often the starting point of many of our live production projects as it allows us to work out the details of your story. Having a script in place will ensure you have a clear message. Whether you are working on a script or are planning to create one, we can help you with every step of the process.


One of the best ways to maximize the time we have during a production is to create storyboards. They create a guide for all of the framing, camera angles and movements necessary to create a compelling story.

Live Production

Live action production is the actual live filming of you, actors, or your products. Whether we’re using a green screen, a set, or outdoors we create captivating stories for your audience.

Post Production

After live production it’s time for the final touches. In post production, we edit and color correct footage, apply graphics, visual effects and perfect the soundtrack to create a masterpiece that is then prepped for screens of all sizes.

Audience Finder

When you know who your audience is, you know where to find them and how to best communicate with them. You’ll have a better understanding of their problems and desires and you’re able to provide better solutions. Download our audience finder to:

• Spend more time with clients you enjoy

• Know where to invest for better ROI

• Save time and get results

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